Mastin Kipp’s
Claim Your Power
Platinum Mastermind


Got something super exciting that I’m only telling you and a small group about.

You’ve probably heard that you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

How about you make that 6 people — including me?
Wanna spend some time together?

July 17 – 27, 2015.

I’m talking deep dive time together. Not just face to face, but side-by-side yoga mats, rise-and-shine, please pass the mango juice (and occasionally please pass the tissues) kind of time together. It’s going to be tropical, luxurious, and challenging as hell. Here’s the scoop:

I’m hand-picking a group of six exceptional people for 11 life-changing days of personal coaching with me. In Bali. And I think you could be one of them.


You’ve already worked with me in some capacity — Daily Love Mastery, Wealthy Healer Retreat, or other program — and you’ve been waiting for the chance to go deeper. (Ask and ye shall receive!)

You want to reach your full potential — do something big, find love, find your purpose, break through to another level in your relationship or career — and you feel something’s still getting in the way. You’ve had some momentum, but now you’re looking for a true breakthrough.

You’re like me: You want to work with and surround yourself with the best.

If you’re saying, check, check, and check, you’ll want to get your butt in gear and apply for…

The Claim Your Power Platinum Mastermind Bali.


This isn’t for dabblers.
It isn’t for the faint of heart.
It’s for people who are ready to get their butts kicked, 5-star style.

Before I tempt you with details about the trip…

Let me tell you about something new I tried recently.

At a certain moment a couple of years ago, I was all over the place.

All over the place trying to move mountains in my business.
All over the place trying to lose weight.

I was done trying to crack the code on my own. So I turned to the big leagues.

I hired a few top mentors and coaches. The kind who only work with a few people every year.

I forked over sums of money that made me — and my credit card — sweat bullets. Altogether, upwards of $100k. And I got ready to have my booty kicked.

I knew it would be worth it.
And it was.

Let me tell you, the results I’ve gotten from working with these mentors, and from surrounding myself with other top-level learners, have been henomenal. Like nothing I’ve ever achieved.

I’ve reached a whole new stratosphere in my business, both in impact and income. Enough to make the $100k a drop in the bucket, in fact.

I’ve lost 15 pounds in 18 days while doubling my caloric intake. I’m even seeing some six-pack action. (I’ll tell you how in Bali — how’s that for a teaser?)

These are just a couple of examples of how my life has taken off lately. I’m sharing them to illustrate what can happen when you notch it up, take a leap, and commit to working with someone who knows their… stuff.

Have you been wanting to work with me? Now’s your chance.

I’ve taken the past two years off from private coaching so I could concentrate on helping huge numbers of people.

But let’s face it, there’s a level of result you only get from intense, in-person work. And I’m itching to dig into that kind of work with a select group of dedicated, inspiring, lifelong learners.

Here’s What It’ll Be Like
Working With Me In Bali

Intimate. Eye-opening. Joyful.
Spiritually, physically, and emotionally invigorating and gruelling, all at once.

There’ll be Kundalini yoga, spiritual work, and tons of coaching tailored specifically to you, your sticking points, and your desired outcomes.

There’ll be fresh, healthy, delicious meals together.
Lots of bonding with me and your newfound power-house posse.
No email, no cell phones, no distractions. TOTAL focus on you.

Think palm trees, crystal blue water, and bare feet. (You’ll see why I think of it not as Bali, but as Results-Getting-Land.)

And long before you even board the plane home, there’ll be mind-blowing shifts in your life.

I’m not giving you the daily blow-by-blow right now. No schedule, no modules. You come open-minded, and willing to go where I (and the magic) take you.

Deciding To Change Your Beliefs Is A Million-Dollar Decision.

Are you ready? Will you be one of these 6 people?